Gingrich beats Romney in South Carolina

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CHARLESTON – Newt Gingrich inflicted a devastating electoral wound to Mitt Romney on Saturday in the high-stakes south carolina primary, decisively winning the socially conservative state where his rival for the Republican presidential nomination appeared to be coasting to victory just a week ago.

South Carolina poll: Gingrich triumphs over Romney. Newt Gingrich has convincingly beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s primary election, the latest leg in the battle to be the Republican candidate in November’s US presidential poll. With almost all votes counted, Mr Gingrich had 40% to Mr Romney’s 28%. Mr Romney was widely seen as.

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Gingrich’s big win in South Carolina shakes up GOP race Newt Gingrich beats out Mitt Romney in latest Republican primary vote; 3 candidates have won first 3 contests.

Romney must stay, for better and worse, Romney. It’s not hard to understand why south carolina fell hard for a swashbuckling blowhard like Gingrich. The state is a hotbed of the Tea Party (one of its.

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For Gingrich, finding an argument that can restore the populist coalition he assembled in South Carolina will. Gingrich’s ability to beat him in a debate and he had two very bad debates." Some GOP.

This is Gingrich’s moment, Cheek told me, and this flawed but brilliant man has the ideas, debating skills and political toughness needed to beat. South Carolina Republicans felt the same way and,

Newt Gingrich has convincingly beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s primary election, the latest leg in the battle to be the Republican candidate in November’s US presidential poll. With almost.

Perhaps the most intriguing question in the hours before Saturday’s South Carolina GOP primary was whether Newt Gingrich would be able to catch front-runner Mitt Romney in polls or see his recent momentum melt after his ex-wife Marianne accused him in an ABC News interview of seeking an open marriage, amid other attacks on his character from Romney’s campaign.

Every Thursday Mitt Romney is going in for the kill. Amid signs that Newt Gingrich has momentum heading into Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, Mr. Romney unloaded. s potential for a trifecta.

Newt Gingrich has romped home to a stunning victory in the South Carolina primary, easily overcoming frontrunner Mitt Romney and setting the stage for a bitter and prolonged battle for the.

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