Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’

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 · Labour must give these voters what they want and oppose Brexit if it wants to win them back. 3) Only No Deal will satisfy Leave voters One of the outcomes of the Brexit deadlock is that views have become polarised, with Remain voters only willing to accept remaining and Leave voters only willing to accept a No Deal Brexit.

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Nigel Farage broke into a rant condemning Change UK’s Anna Soubry and former Labour leader Tony Blair for speaking. he was about to get to the serious point. He went on to say: “The serious point.

 · The frustration of the trade unions can be traced back to the election of Tony Blair and New Labour in 1997 and the adoption of Third Way politics – whatever that meant. When Cherie Booth and Tony.

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In that now-distant era, Tony Blair was prime minister. % and 10% more votes than Labour to win outright. Yet in most polls the Tories are at least 10% behind. "People in the party are very.

Alan Johnson, MP: Labour. Like when Tony had his heart problem, I said: The problem with Tony Blair is he’s got a dicky heart, with Bill Clinton it’s the other way round.’ And it got back to him.

 · Rise of UKIP. They may have had too many disappointments to feel much ambition or aspiration. They are a challenge for Labour, and any new leader will spend a good deal of time thinking how to deal with the concerns of Europe and immigration. Whether to share their fears, or confront them will be a big decision.

It would be very difficult indeed for any objective observer to concur with Joan Ryan’s claim today that Tony Blair. It wants to live in a world in which the Labour Party, alone, united under a.

Corbyn and McDonnell are in a far weaker position. As a result, I suspect Labour’s policy positions will be closer to Blair/Brown than Benn. That puts the centre left in a very different position. A policy of cooperation coupled with fighting for sensible policies will be a far better way to win back the Labour party electorate. Delete

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